Kim Bennett
I am the creative business owner of Fresh Pick Home Design.
I began Fresh Pick Home Design as an expression of my love of all things a little bit rustic, a little bit vintage, and a whole lot of charming.

My sweet family  is a constant source of inspiration. As a family we are active in our athletic community or Arlington and Lakewood/Marysville, WA. If I'm not in the studio then I'm probably at a football field or basketball court. I like to joke that I drive a mobile locker room.
Quality is my highest priority. When bringing pieces back to life or recreating a feeling from the past, careful attention is paid to the materials used from the beginning all the way though to the finish of the piece. As much as I can I use either local or Made in the USA materials when restoring furniture and home decor. 

I hope you enjoy my designs in your home as much as I enjoy creating them. Please feel free to contact me using the form below if you have questions about Fresh Pick or even how to incorporate new and vintage items into your home.

Thank you for stopping by!